Construction Defects

Although we view litigation as a last resort; we have broad experience in successfully litigating association construction and financing defects. We do not represent developers, their subcontractors or material men.

Some of the many deficiencies we handle are:

Some examples of road issues we have addressed include: cracks, ponding, sink holes, defective wearing course, defective sub course, insufficient curb reveal, defective storm sewer inlets/catch basins, failed curbing.

Some examples of deck issues we’ve addressed include: improper or non-existent flashing, improper footings, and water infiltration.

Fire Wall Construction
Some examples of fire wall issues we’ve addressed include: missing fire walls, improper fire wall/roof deck assembly, improper fire wall penetrations, and use of defective fire retardant treated plywood.

Grading, Drainage, Ponds & Detention Basins
Some example of grading, drainage, pond and detention basin issues we’ve addressed include:  foundation settling, basement water infiltration, sink holes, cracked and improperly installed storm water pipes, improper or defective pond liners, pond siltation, defective inflow, outflow and lowflow channel structures.

Landscaping & Irrigation
Some examples of landscaping and irrigation issues we’ve addressed include: dead/diseased trees, improper installation, improper species, defective irrigation pipes, heads, controllers, clocks and wiring.

Some issues we’ve addressed with HVAC include:  system capacity and system balancing.

Some roofing issues we’ve addressed include:  Improper venting, improper nailing, improper flashing, and defective fire retardant treated plywood.

Structural Issues
Some of the structural issues we’ve addressed include: use of EIFS siding, mold infiltration, cracked settling slabs, cracked settling basement walls, water infiltration, and defective trusses and framing.