ACA International

ACA International

ACA International, formerly American Collectors Association, is a trade group located in the United States representing collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers, collection attorneys and debt collection industry service providers. The organization was founded in 1939 as the American Collectors Association and changed its name to ACA International in 2001. ACA is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Washington, D.C.

ACA’s members are located throughout the U.S. and more than 60 countries. The organization represents more than 230,000 men and women who work in this field.

All ACA member must adhere to the following:

ACA Bylaws: The rules governing the association’s internal affairs, the ACA Bylaws are amended from time to time with approval by the Council of Delegates.

ACA Holding Company Bylaws: ACA International owns 100 percent of the stock of ACA International Holding Company Inc., a corporate structure housing the association’s taxable activities and protecting the association’s tax-exempt status. ACA International Holding Company owns 100 percent of the stock of both for-profit subsidiaries, ACA International Enterprises Inc. and Collectors Insurance Agency Inc. These are the governing rules of the holding company.

ACA Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Standard Operating Procedures are detailed, written instructions to achieve uniformity of the performance of a specific function. ACA’s SOPs may be amended from time to time with approval of the ACA Board of Directors.

Member Code of Conduct: Members of ACA International have committed to governing their industry activities in harmony with the ACA Code of Conduct. Sometimes ACA receives reports of member activity alleged to be incompatible with the Code of Conduct. Such reports are reviewed by the Ethics Committee consistent with the procedures outlined in the Ethics Committee Review Rules. The review process provides opportunity for members to receive notice of the concern, examine problems, resolve disputes, and to take action when circumstances prompt change.