Mission Statement



Our Mission

“Solution-Minded Advocacy” sums up our approach. Solution-Minded Advocacy is counseling the client to determine its goal, formulating alternatives for reaching the goal and pursuing one or more of these alternatives to achieve the client’s goal.

We continually ask ourselves: “Is what we do moving this matter closer to the Client’s goal?” “Does what we do make sense when the Client’s cost is weighed against the Client’s anticipated benefit?”

McGovern Legal Services, LLC, as a business, must be profitable. Profitability permits survival, growth and prosperity. Given this, we continually ask ourselves: ‘Is what we do benefiting the client and the firm’

As many of the dot.com companies learned too late, neither the length of a firm’s client list nor how hard its employees work are necessarily accurate indicators of a firm’s health. Clients must be chosen and managed carefully and employees must work efficiently and profitably. A weak business cannot function for long as a strong client advocate.

Firms are organizations of people. Without the people, there is no firm. Although it goes without saying, saying it highlights it: the people within the firm are valuable, firm members must respect each other, communicate with each other and carry out the firm’s and its clients’ business in an ethical, professional and collegial manner. Pleasant working relationships are important in any business but they are especially important in the legal field where antagonistic attitudes and actions are too often the norm.

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