Although we all wish money grew on trees, we know it doesn’t. We work with Associations to collect delinquent assessments, pass special assessments and secure loans so that the Association’s board can fulfill its duties in a responsible manner.

Collection Letters
The collection letter is the first step in the collection process. Typically the manager sends out one or more late notices. If the late notices do not achieve the desired result, we send out the collection letter.

The lien secures the debt. In New Jersey, the lien must be filed with the County Clerk. In Pennsylvania, the lien is automatic but recording the lien with the County Clerk is desirable if the Clerk will accept it. Liens provide significant protection – especially if there is a chance that the debtor will file bankruptcy.

We pursue foreclosure as the collection method of choice. We find it more cost-effective in the long run than pursuing money judgment actions. If people want to live in a certain community, they must fulfill their financial obligations to the association and their neighbors.

Bankruptcy is a creditor’s nightmare no matter how you slice it. A debtor’s bankruptcy often (but not always) results in the debt being wiped out. We are experienced in handling bankruptcy matters and assist clients in protecting their interests.