McGovern Legal Service’s Damon M. Kress, Esq. will be a panelist at the 2017 CAI-NJ Legal Forum, discussing legal issues impacting community associations.

Damon M. Kress, Esq. has a strong background and expertise in contruction litigation, bankruptcy law, and trial and appellate advocacy. As a panelist Damon will be looking to give those in attendence his nearly twenty years of knowledge and insight on community association law.

For those serving community associations, there are many questions for legal counsel than there are answers. Property managers, board members, lawyers and other community association professionals are invited to join in on the discussion at this program. This program will be interactive and CAI would like for all attending to email any questions regarding community associations to or bring them with you to the program.

The 2017 CAI Dennis R. Casale Memorial Golf Outing was in full swing on June 27th at the Forsgate Gate Country Club. CAI members ranging from attorneys to property mangers were in attendance at the outing named after the late Dennis R. Casale, with over 200 golfers coming out to enjoy the fun in the sun.

McGovern Legal Services was a proud Hole Sitter sponsor at the event. We would like to thank everyone that stopped by our hole sponsorship and spent time with us.

As an Ultimate Partner of the New Jersey chapter of Community Association Institute (CAI-NJ), McGovern Legal Services is proud to have a featured article in the July 2017 Community Trends magazine. Each month Community Trends provides members of CAI with updates on current legislations and informative articles written by professionals and service providers. In this months issue McGovern Legal Services is highlighted in the Ultimate Partner Profile where readers can gain significant insight about McGovern Legal Services as well as some trivia about their attorneys.

Throughtout the article, Francis J. McGovern, Esq. expresses his thoughts about the industry of community association law and what trends he see’s in the the industry going towards.

To read the issue in its entirety please visit

McGovern Legal Services would like to congratulate The Cooperator Expo on another great show. The Cooperator Expo is New Jersey’s biggest and best condominium and homeowners association expo. Each year the show provides entertainement and educational seminars throughout the day, while being the host to over 300 exhibitors and thousands of attendees. Learning about the latest advances as well as getting top teir advice from industry experts.

For more information please visit for more information.

McGovern’s Developer Transition and Construction Defect Attorneys Attended the American Institute of Architects’ 2016 Convention in Philadelphia and Reviewed New Ideas in Software, Materials, Building Systems and Construction Monitoring.

On May 20th Fran McGovern, Damon Kress, Pat McGlone and David Merritt traveled to Philadelphia and attended the American Institute of Architects’ 2016 Convention.

They walked the expo floor and spoke with many of the almost 800 exhibitors.  Among the offerings were design and construction software, cladding systems, window systems, roofing systems etc.  Most of the offerings were cutting edge stuff.  Of particular interest was Earthcam (  Earthcam’s representatives explained how their solutions provide high definition time-lapse video recording of construction and repair projects.  McGovern may use earthcam’s services on future construction defect cases and major repair projects – especially those at high-rises.

On July 18, 2015 Damon Kress, Esquire presented to the National Academy of Forensic Engineers at their Summer 2015 Technical Program in Seattle, Washington. Damon represents to Associations throughout New Jersey that have been the victims of construction, design, materials, financial and other defects.


For more information on NAFE, please visit their website.


In the summer of 1981 I started reading Stephen King’s “The Stand”.  My boss had left it in my attendant’s shack at a parking lot on the corner of Ocean and Pine Avenues in Wildwood.  I didn’t get very far.  The book was scary and long.  As a sixteen-year-old at the beach, I had more fun things to think about.

Several years ago, I was talking to my elderly great aunt.  I had never known it but she told me that she had been born a twin.  She also said that her twin had died shortly after being born – a victim of the “flu”.  She said that lots of people died of the “flu” when she was young.

I later found out that my aunt had been born in 1918 and that, whether she knew it or not, the 1918 “flu” that killed her infant sister was probably the most devastating pandemic in history.  Some estimate the worldwide death toll at more than 100 million people.

Most are aware of the Ebola outbreaks in Africa.  Many are aware of the aid workers who have returned to this country and have been successfully treated. Many are probably also aware of the traveler to Texas (now deceased) who infected at least two healthcare workers there.  Probably few however are aware of Phillip Curran’s October 13, 2014 Princeton Packet article reporting that

NBC News chief medical editor and Princeton resident Nancy Snyderman and her entire news crew were put under mandatory quarantine by the state on Friday, the latest development after one of her cameramen came down with Ebola on assignment in Liberia.

Mr. Curran continued:

State health Commissioner Mary E. O’Dowd issued the quarantine Friday night after Ms. Snyderman was spotted Thursday in a car during a food run…in Hopewell.  She was supposed to be on a voluntary, self-confinement, officials said.

Ebola kills people.  It is contagious.  While panic is not desirable, neither is passivity in the face of such a threat.  It strains the imagination to understand why decision makers hesitate to act after such events as 9/11, the 2001 anthrax attacks and Hurricane Katrina.

Hopefully Ebola will be eradicated here and elsewhere soon.  Hoping won’t get it done though.  We cannot, like sixteen-year-olds, turn away when it’s scary or daunting.  Instead, consistent with the United Nations Global Ebola Response, we must press to

  1. stop the outbreak
  2. treat the infected
  3. ensure essential services
  4. preserve stability
  5. prevent further outbreaks

Otherwise, whether caused by nature or bioterrorism, we risk another 1918; a catastrophe that would far eclipse any in the recent past.

Patricia Hart McGlone, Esq. spoke on the handling of property damage claims in a community association at an education session during the Community Association Institute Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania Chapter 2014 Annual Conference and Expo on April 24, 2014 held at Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia.  Managers in attendance received continuing education credit.

Pat presented the legal perspective on property damage claims.  The other speakers were Jennifer Wojciechowski, JD, of Community Association Underwriters of America, to present the insurers perspective and Robert Strickland of Unlimited Restoration, to explain the restoration company’s role after a loss.

Jaime Fraser and Michael Polulak were happy to see everyone at the 2014 IREM Trade Show on February 20th and 21st. Thank you to IREM for hosting a great show! To everyone that attended, thank you for coming out and visiting our booth! We look forward to seeing you soon!